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                Jiangsu Kangheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


                English name : o-chloroaniline
                CAS : 95-51-2
                Structural formula :
                Molecular formula : C6H6ClN
                Molecular weight : 127.5
                Boiling point : 209℃
                Density : 1.21g/cm3
                Content : ≥99%
                Moisture : ≤0.2%
                Appearance : Colorless or amber transparent liquid
                Use : This product is ice dye chromophore, can also be used as a diazo group of azo dyes, used in the production of acid and organic acid blue black, lake water solid yellow R, red FR, Hansa yellow HR. It can also be used as the crosslinking agent of the pharmaceutical, pesticide, polyurethane resin.